Friday, 27 September 2013

"The Lost Remixes" EP

Shortly after releasing "Altruistic Motives", I decided to drop a little concept project of mine. The idea came to me whilst watching the infamous JJ Abrams TV show "Lost". I thought to myself.. "some of these backing tracks could be used to make some dope beats!!", so I acquired the soundtrack, sampled the hell out of it, added some fat drums and remixed some of my favourite "golden era" R'n'B tracks.


"Altruistic Motives" EP

After a reasonable wait since my LP and Remix project releases, I dropped my eagerly awaited Extended Player entitled "Altruistic Motives", featuring the vocal talents of Sleaze (Greasy Vinyl), Big Rain (LNT Productions), Joe Dojo, Nikkles, my partner and super talented female vocalist Stacey Lou, and reaching all the way from L.A. (USA), the mighty Destruct!!


"The Remixes Vol. One" EP **W/ INSTRUMENTALS**

Following my debut LP release, I decided to release a small collection of remixes that are available on my Soundcloud page, but re-mastered and available in Instrumental form also.


"The Hidden Letter" Bonus EP

Here is the accompanying bonus release to the LP "The Sixteenth Letter" featuring rare bootlegs and remixes of mine including a joint with Jimmy Raygun and Deadline (Tactical Thinking), a rare recording with one of my oldest friends Cru, and my remix of Sonnyjim's "The Headsplit" which featured on the Eatgood Record's release, this time re-mastered and even more booming!!


"The Sixteenth Letter" LP

My debut LP project featuring the vocal talents of Big Rain, Vegas, The Scribes, Shire Roots, Bruce Gramma, Nikkles, Dirty Joe, Gramma K, Harry Greenstreet, R.I.Z., Unanymous, Rico and JMan.


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

WHAT'S NEW!?!?!?!

Many apologies for not being around to update this website in such a long time, but I can assure you now that I am back and will be keeping this site bang up to date with everything and anything that is DJ Pandamonium related!!

Since I was last here a lot has happened in the world of Pandamonium production, including my debut LP, follow up EP, a couple of remix release's and a guest spot on Spitfire's latest project.

I have also since moved to Exeter from Plymouth and have decided to quit DJ'ing and Battling as a professional pursuit to concentrate on family life. However, this music thing is still a huge part of my life so from now on I will releasing production lead projects etc... for free download and keeping my DJ activity to a strict bedroom / hobby type status.

Keep checking back for updates from now on, and I will be posting up all music related activity that has been missed from this site in due course.